It’s been a While

I guess I need to post more, judging from the views on the blog since my last post… I do apologize for being out of the loop.

It’s been another hard semester, due to working almost full time, and going to school full-time, and having to live in a place filled with college-kids who don’t care about their eduction or the mess they leave in the kitchen – but just on how much time they have to party and socialize.  It’s been frustrating because I don’t have time to socialize, much less even have friends.  

My job has been going great.  I can’t complain about it — besides the potty training fails :p 


This past weekend, she and I ran a 5k together (and I woke up unable to stretch out my arms due to their soreness.  I now know what it’s like to go on a ruck march — with 60 extra lbs to carry.  Unfortunately it wasn’t in a backpack, but hey at least I know I could finish.)  She loved the “rainbow color run” and it made me happy to see that she’s overcome so much in the past two years.  [For example, two years ago she would’ve cried so hard she would make herself throw up because she was “dirty”.]  After our run, we went to the grocery store and I tried to rescue a bird who apparently had lost it’s bearings.  When i went to shoo him outside he flew into my shoulder and grabbed my shirt for dear life.  I couldn’t even pry him off.  Finally he relaxed and I tried to set him on the trash can so i could make him fly away [to which gogo anxiously said, “elizabeth throwing away bird!! elizabeth stop!!”] but instead of flying away he flew back to me and grabbed onto my finger.  After many attempts, we decided to take him home, since he had apparently adopted me.  All the way home he kept his eyes closed, but when we got there, before anyone could do anything he flew up into a tree and our rescued bird was free!

[oh the adventures i find myself in]

It was a long winter — we got snow this month even! But i believe it’s finally spring.  Right now I can hear the lawn mower guys outside my window and that means the grass is growing [it also means that they are making ruts because it just rained… hmmm]

It’s that time of yeah when my days off that aren’t spent in this sick bed here are spent on the side of the mountains where I live… hiking, reading my bible, and ultimately breathing in the refreshing glory set out there from our Creator.  



Earlier this month i was reunited with my roommate from EXCEL, which was back in 2006 (wow!).  We had a great time.  She lives in Greenville, SC right now going to nursing school.  It was so good to catch up with her. 


I have one more day of class (Tuesday) and then I have 2 exams and I’m done with Appstate.  It’s been a good run, but i am convinced it is time to move along.  I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m at peace with it — for the first time in my life.  I feel like the world is at my fingertips.  Who knows, maybe I’ll pull out that passport of mine and run away to far off country for a sabbatical on life! 😉  jk. 

I need to finish nursing school, but I also need to find a happy place of being less stressed, and being an adult. I’m really tired of living around teenagers.  I can’t stand it when my roommate won’t clean off the counter, and I just am ready for the childishness to be over.  I work a real job, and pay my real bills (sometimes……), and I also go to school with kids.  It’s a hard place to be in.  Therefore, I need to finish this school business, and go back to only working.  Perhaps adding a family in there instead of studying for a test.  

Nevertheless, I’m here for the next couple weeks, and I have lots to do before I can go anywhere.  I daily ask for guidance, wisdom, and peace since I can’t change what’s happening around me (I can only change my attitude).  I’m praying that I finish the semester strong, and that I work hard at my job – even when my kid throws a tantrum.  I hope to enjoy the benefits of living in the mountains as long as i can, and I don’t take for granted the beautiful weather we get here.  

I can’t wait for my mom to come visit so we can enjoy it together.  I’m excited for my vacation to go see my sister, before buckling down for a long working month before everything starts to change.  

God is good.  All the time. 

I am so grateful for His choosing me.  I’m so grateful for the church He pointed me towards.  I am grateful for the time He’s given me here.  I am grateful for the peace He’s given me about leaving.  I’m so glad that He saved me.  

He is risen! Just as He said!



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