All About Me

So one of the things on Facebook recently was people posting a certain number of facts that may not be as well known about the person.  I finally gave in when several people encouraged me to do so, and I can up with VERY random facts… some people who know me quite well already know most of these, but some didn’t!  How many of these did you know?


1. Over the years. I’ve taken a total of 8 combined years of language classes including Spanish, French, and ASL, but I only “speak” English and ASL.
2. I am scared of dogs.
3. I can’t read anything without editing it.
4. I used to think I’d marry a pastor.
5. I really want to have twins.
6. I don’t know how to use a computer that isn’t an Apple.
7. Before the mission trip in 2006, I wanted to be an engineer (like the one who drives trains)
8. Orange is my favorite color.
9. The day after I decided I could be a runner, I ran a race as a member of the cross country team at my school and came in 3rd place for the girls.



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