So several of y’all knew about the interview I was supposed to have yesterday to work as a mentor to kids in my community.  

Well, I went to the interview, and the lady who was the social worker that I talked to was very nice, interesting, friendly women with an adorable baby boy.  I guess I said all the right stuff because she said that she wanted me to start today! As we talked, we discussed role models, positive influences, why kids do bad things, what is lacking in families these days… etc.  I had not really put too much thought into this (lately), and it was a great reminder that I’m supposed to represent all the time.  Not just for the kids that see me, but everyone that passes me.  

Last week, when I was leaving school, I had a big smile on my face because it was Thursday afternoon and I had a day off on Friday.  But I didn’t realize it kinda stuck there as I walked across campus and got on the bus.  Seven people commented on it before I got home.  Not just the college kids, but also adults who were walking around.  This one lady who looked sad, and was dragging her kid by the arm across the sidewalk said, “Why are you happy?” and before I could answer said, “Thanks for smiling.  That gives me strength to keep going.”  I didn’t respond 😦 but before she left, the kid turned and looked at me and then put on the most fake giant frown on and tried to glare at me.  haha.  

So lately, work hours have worked out, my schedule for the fall looks great, I’m gonna be mentoring a high school girl from the county, and the church I’m going to has asked me to work with the couple that leads the youth, and some other opportunities have opened up to help out, be friends with… and that’s what I want to do. I’m so excited for the upcoming year.  I prayed that God would use me in someone’s life, but I didn’t know how He was going to do it.  I still don’t but I’m praying that He’ll give me His eyes to see, and put words in my mouth – and His hand over my mouth when I’m not supposed to speak.  

Please pray that He’ll work through me and people wouldn’t see me, but see Him, for that is what life is all about, right??


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