I was watching a movie yesterday that I really enjoyed, but it provoked the question of where would I travel to if I could time-travel.  The first answer that popped into my head was 2010 of course.  It was my best year yet! I had graduated from nursing school at Schreiner University with a purchased plane ticket to the Dominican Republic to work as an intern.  But right before I was supposed to go, the earthquake hit Haiti.  One might say that ruined my plans, but instead, it changed my life, and the following months were, in fact, the most spiritually rewarding experience I ever have had, before and since then.  I met some great people, found that God seemed closer on that island – maybe because I was away from the clutter of “first world probz” and near to people who were on fire for Jesus.  Who knows.  But I would still agree with myself that 2010 was a great year… at least the first half.

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But after finishing the movie, and continuing to think about it, I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to time-travel.  (At least not backwards.  I wouldn’t mind heading to the future, particularly 2016, and seeing what’s happening there.. if i have a rock on my finger, or a black cap on my head, one less letter after that comma behind my last name, or maybe a mini me… 😉 😉 haha).  But most people want to travel backwards to change what they did, someone’s mind, or something from happening.  I wouldn’t want to change anything, because it’s all made me who I am right now.  Yes, I’ve definitely done a lot of things that hard way, and yes, I think about what life would be life if I hadn’t messed up at certain points on my life, but I was writing in my journal just this week during my quiet time thanking Jesus for things that He’s done in my life – even when I mess up!  He doesn’t walk away — even when I do.  He doesn’t forsake me – even when I forsake Him.

“I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake You” (Hebrews 13:5)

I am so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness!  When I think about faith, I always wonder what on earth faith is, and where can I get more of it.  someone recently told me that I have a lot of perseverance, and they were saying that’s a good thing.  I used to think of faith and perseverance as the same thing.  I still don’t understand it fully, but I know that if we only have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains!  (Please don’t move the mountain I’m living on right now, anyone!)  The classes I’m taking right now are very tough, and while I’m trying to do my best, sometimes that’s not good enough.  But I have faith that this is what God wants me to do, and through Him who gives me strength, I can do anything.  Today I was rearranging my room, and put in the movie Soul Surfer for something inspiring to watch.  You know the movie: the girl who wants to be a pro surfer loses her arm in a shark attack.  After getting back home, and back out on the water, she gets tossed around by the waves (literally) and ends up giving up.  Then she goes on a mission trip.  (Hello! told you that mission trips are the answers when we are going through a hard time and feel like giving up!!) While there she teaches a kid how to surf and then comes back to the States renewed in spirit.  I can’t surf (I guess I can’t – never tried, but I am planning on learning!), but I can be a nurse.  I know because I am one.  I also know that God wants me to be one for Him.  I believe that He wants to me to do excellently in my classes – doing all my work as unto Him.  Hopefully, I’ll get that change to go back to Haiti soon, and get renewed in spirit and mind, but until then, I am plugging away in my classes!  I may not be a genius, but as Bethany Hamilton (the real Soul Surfer) said,

“I don’t need easy; I just need possible.”

I am ready to be done with school, and get back to the mission field, whichever one He sends me to, but I am also ready to be working for Him right where I am.  I have an interview Wednesday with an organization that asked me to be a mentor for high school girls in my community, so pray that God would use that as a way to glorify Himself.  Also, pray that He would cause my eyes to be open to things the way He sees them, not just through these human eyes.  Pray that I will do well in my classes, and that He would be sought instead of money, or grades, or fun.  Pray that I would have more compassion…

“I was born to surf.  This is why I wake up at the crack of dawn every day.  This is why I endure belly rashes, reef cuts, and muscles so tired they feel like noodles.  And I’ve learned that life is a lot like surfing.  When you get caught in the impact zone, you need to get right back up.  Because you never know what’s over the next wave.  And if  you have faith, anything is possible: anything at all.”  Bethany Hamilton

May the Lord be with you all,  Liza 🙂

loved him. 2013


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