To be a witness to the world
To be a different kind of girl
And prove her clouds are only grey
Because they’re silverlined

I love this part of the song… it always inspires me! I want to be a different kind of girl!  After spending the past few weeks walking around a liberal university with so many unsaved kids, more than ever do I want to be different.  i don’t just want to be different – I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone at Appstate wants to be.  Yet, they don’t see that they are actually all trying to be the “same different.”  I want to be different in that I want to be different from the world – I want my citizenship to be of heaven, and I want it to be evident Who resides in me.  I want to people to not see me, but see Jesus.

On Sunday, I watched a guy wrestle with the sermon, and then fight with himself, and finally broke down and began crying out to Jesus.  The change in him was SO obvious!  When he confessed his sins and belief in gift of Jesus on the cross the angels were rejoicing, and so were so many people in the room.  Praise Jesus!  What a blessing it was to me, to be able to watch the whole experience he went through.

There’s more to life. Open your eyes… We don’t need permission to go outside of these doors and dream some crazy dream, no one else has dreamed before.  To show love and compassion where ever it may be. To out faith into action, to do more than just believe.  We are hope to those who have been broken; we were made to make a difference. (Royal Tailor)

What is God calling you to, today? Who does He want you to speak to?  Who might cross your path that you can pray for?

God is a God of miracles.  Let Him reign!



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