One Thousand Gifts Part VII

Today something things happened – well, actually, to be more accurate, today I REALIZED some things, that really hurt my feelings, upset me, even made me somewhat angry, but as I sat here, looking out my window, listening to the birds sing, and then reading my devotional I realized some other things, that are much more important in the light of eternity, than merely some human trying to hurt me. 

I am thankful for the gift of forgiveness.


So many times, I have hurt my Lord Jesus Christ so much more than merely “deleting His profile off my timeline” or ignoring Him when I’m with MY new, prettier, more popular, COOL friends.  However, how often have I done just that to Him?  How must He feel when day after day He wants to work in and through us, and when it comes down to it, of being in the world, we forget that He’s even there, or even worse, we see Him there, and we pretend like He doesn’t exist.  If someone does mention Him, we’re quick to change the subject, or make ourselves look better, or Him look bad.  

Yes, all the hurt I have built up in the past few years because of a friend, has only been things I’ve done and am continuing to do to Jesus.  That’s why He had to die.  Not only because this person is doing it to me, but because I do it every day!! 

Give me Your eyes!!

I pray that this week I will be quick to see how I wrong Him – how I hurt Him, and may He bring healing to this broken heart.  May He do a work in me, that causes me to reflect His UNCONDITIONAL love.  May He bring me closer to Himself, so that I can’t even imagine a life lived the way Elizabeth Busshaus wants it lived.  Oh Jesus, forgive me for the sins that so easily overcome me.  

Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me. 


Break my heart for what breaks Yours. 


Thank You, oh God, for the gift of forgiveness. 

Your humbled child.


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