One Thousand Gifts Part VI

I am thankful for the gift of COLOR!!!


My favorite color has always been cerulean… (which is a shade of blue if you don’t know).  But most recently it faded into a blur and emerged into ORANGE! much to my mother’s chagrin I assume.  BUUUT, today, after the clouds disappeared, and I was walking across the campus in the warm day – I looked up into the sky and saw nothing but BRIGHT BLUE.  And even though everything wasn’t going my way, I couldn’t help but feel so happy! 

(hmmm… maybe that’s why I want a boy so bad! whoever heard of looking up into the sky in the middle of a beautiful day and saw a PINK sky! hehe)

Now, sitting on my couch, getting last minute things ready for class in the morning, I am looking out over the GREEN trees, red brick buildings, blue sky, and darker blue mountains… 

Thank You, Creator, for the gift of color. 

Your daughter, Elizabeth Jane


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