One Thousand Gifts Part V

I am so grateful for the gift of the season of summer!!!


Now, God created the world with four seasons.  I am not sure if all are necessary or not – especially winter – but I suppose He is always right! 🙂 

But! with the warm weather coming and the sun beating down on my charge and I on our walks in the great outdoors, and with the thunderstorms (even though they are very short! and not as spectacular as I’d prefer), I’ve been reflecting on this wonderful gift of summertime.  

Most people have summers to be lazy, go on vacations, relax, and get a tan.  I will be home working and going to school, but I get to enjoy HOME as a place off the Blueridge Parkway, going to a University that supposedly is the highest elevation east of the Mississippi… What a privilege!  The average temperature is going to be so much cooler than my hometown back in Texas, yet it’ll still be warm enough to take advantage of our complex’s pool!  I can’t wait to go on long “adventures” with my little girlie.  One of my favorite holidays is the fourth day of July, and I can’t wait to see the fireworks!  And this girl DOES have the opportunity to take a short break to go to the beach this season.  

School will be much more enjoyable knowing that it’s warm outside, and I can go on hikes, and waterfall hunts after class gets out.  And as for studying – I’d rather do that outside in the sunshine than inside due to snowfall… 😉

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of summertime. 



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