One Thousand Gifts Part III

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. ~Chesterton

It’s been a crazy week and now it’s Friday, and I’m about to have the last free weekend for a while! So I need to make reading, devotions, and this thousand gifts a higher priority. . .

As most of you know, school begins back Monday four days a week, and my work schedule switches to Fridays and Saturdays (and some hours after classes).  I’m going to be very busy with an intense, fast-paced schedule.  I got the first email yesterday from my teacher and he was outlining the next 15 class days – which is what I’ll be doing a whole semester of work in! :O
I’m both insanely excited (yes, I have that feeling…) as well as terrified.  There’s no way I’ll be able to pull this off with an A is with the help of Someone who already knows the outcome!

But the point of this post was my third gift.


I have so many great memories of the past 25 years, but more so of the past years since I surrendered my life to Christ.


Sorry for all the pictures, but a picture speaks a thousand words!

But I am so thankful for the memories.

  • Memories in the Dominican and Haiti!! those are by far my fondest memories – and because I had never been that close to God before!!! There’s just something about being His hands that brings you together in a way that just going through the motions in a world that has forsaken God can’t give you.
  • Memories of my family! being away from them has shown me that their annoyances that I used to dwell on before are insignificant in respect to their positive qualities, and their love for Jesus.
  • Memories of friends… I haven’t been spending much time with people- mainly because they are busy and “on different paths now” (or something like that). Or because when they want to do something I have my lovely adult responsibilities (sleep… ).  But the memories last!
  • Memories of spending time in God’s creation! This has become my favorite pastime as of late – taking my bible and journal and sometimes just going empty-handed up to the tops of mountains, waterfalls, and looking out over His beautiful world uncluttered with man’s touch.
  • Memories of my grandmothers…
  • Memories of nursing school; of high school
  • Memories of His Hill
  • Memories of fishing trips with my dad…
  • So many more memories of laughter, joy, and even pain

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of memories.



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