Texas: Land of…

I’ve been in Texas now for a week, and actually am headed out.  And I’ve been working on this post for almost that long, and just now am finishing it up.

Observations about Texas:

  • There are a bunch of trucks. I think the ratio is … 100:1? Haha, maybe not that high, but when I look out the window at my parents’ house, I watch trucks go by and rarely see cars.
  • Most of those trucks are big.  They are almost all diesel usin’, hay haulin’ (or animal), and dirt-carryin’.  You’d expect to see big guys stepping out of these tall trucks, but half the time it’s a girl. 😉
  • It’s SUPPOSED to be hot in this country. but it’s cold. everyone is cold.
  • It hasn’t rained much. Guess it still doesn’t do that here.
  • I actually do like animals.  Baby animals.  Baby goats… baby cats… baby cows!!! (ADORABLE)…. baby chickens.  But I don’t care for the grownup ones.  They are loud; they stink; they need more work (at least that’s what they tell you).
  • I like to cook and my mom is the one who taught me.  I like to eat more; therefore, I eat.
  • There are a lot of strangers here.  Several that I used to know!  But then there’s several dear people that I miss; yet when we reconnect, it’s like there wasn’t any time that passed (besides the fact that they are now a foot taller than me).
  • Going along with that, all the “little kids” that I left behind have either graduated from college, high school, gotten their driver’s licenses or all of the above!! Time flies…
  • Playing the piano is a great thing.  Anyone want to not only donate me a piano, but also carry it up the three flights of stairs for me?? I’m sure neither Caroline nor all the neighbors would mind me playing when insomnia attacks me!
  • Isaac and I still enjoy playing monopoly together, but I still beat him! 😛
  • My Gramps does his own thing, but is such a kind man.  Still my favorite grandparent 😉
  • There aren’t any mountains around, but the Hill Country is definitely some of the most beautiful land.  You may argue that your homeland of Colorado is the best, but you’re wrong.
  • There sure have been quite a few weddings, engagements, babies, and relationships since I’ve left.
  • I guess I’ll also refer to my HOME as wherever my parents are, whether my residency is there or not.

We were talking about avoiding things that make us feel bad (examples: lactose for the lactose intolerant, MSG for those who can’t handle it, etc.) and I pointed out that not eating makes me feel bad… so! since I shouldn’t make myself feel bad, I avoid not eating! 🙂

I went with my family to my grandfather’s church for Wednesday night, and it was such a great service.  I was complaining to mom earlier in the week about how it’s hard to find a church that opens the Bible to teach.  Then we went to that church (Faith Baptist) and I was greatly encouraged by his short little, Biblical message.

Texas is the land of wide open spaces, big loud trucks, friendly people, high speed limits, roaming cattle, and my family.  And I’m always gonna be a Texan girl, no matter where I live.

beating my little brother at monopoly





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