I have Changed

Truths about me now…

I’m almost 25 and even tho Webster considers 18 to be adulthood, the law considers it 21, in real life, for paperwork, leases, and renting cars without limits it is 25.
The truth about that is… It’s a little overwhelming. Am I ready for being a “real” adult? Because I’m pretty goofy still haha.

(That hasn’t changed even though I have my serious moments… Like all day today.)

My new favorite book in the bible is Philippians (used to be Timothy).


I love my job… Definitely has been the best nursing job I’ve ever had. πŸ™‚


Unfortunately, I watch TV now (sometimes!). That’s new. I’m not sure if I like this change. But it was nice watching the xgames and the spurs play basketball, along with Duck Dynasty (hahaha)….

I have about 5 times more dresses in my closet than I have ever possessed… Which wasn’t very many and still is less than ten haha. I also own a pair of high heels (which I keep putting on, then finding socks and my cowboy boots).


My old favorite quote was by Jim Elliot, missionary to Ecuador. My new favorite quote didn’t leave the family, is now by his wife…

(It is also the background on my phone so I can be reminded of Jesus every time I look at my phone).

Speaking of phones, I have a new one. No more cracked screen for me– moving on the bigger iPhones πŸ™‚

My favorite color is now orange (then brown, then teal, and finally purple!).

Truths that haven’t changed:
I hate winter still.
I still love running.
I still love to write (if you can’t tell).
I still eat like a crazy kid on a growth spirt, but still can’t find jeans my size outside the kids’ section (and people continue to be amazed at my metabolism).
I have an amazing family in Texas who STILL loves me despite my giving them 25 years worth of reasons not to.
God saved me and is still living within me.

Well, that’s enough revealing for one night… Goodnight!

And happy birthday weekend to my little brother, again! Love you, Isaac.




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