Wellll, I’m afraid it’s entrance was early, forewarned, but unexpectedly rude [awakening].

(After the first day)

(Waking up on the second)

This girl will never entirely be overjoyed to see temperatures go from 76 on Friday to 32 feels like 21 on Sunday.
However, she made the most of it and enjoyed the BEAUTY God graciously dumped on her abode!

(But, she needs to find a waterproof jacket!)

As for an update…
Class are going well. My grades are in the upper levels of A’s (yay) and I’m so excited to be studying and learning something that will be helpful in every aspect.
Work is wonderful. As I told mom the there day, there hasn’t ever been a time before that I’ve been excited to go to work! I love my patient, and she loves me, and we have the most grand adventures.
I started going to a new church– one that is closer to home and not down the mountain. So far I’ve liked it and they have a Deaf ministry, which I’m excited to learn more about.
Young Life: I’ve continued going to leadership (which I love) and I enjoy being around all my YL friends, but unfortunately there just isn’t enough time in the week!
Free time? I’m not sure what you mean. Unless you consider the times I babysit ebie in- which, in that case, is quite entertaining.




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