So last night we got off one plane 11 minutes before our connecting flight was taking off. Yeah… We crossed over two converses, ran up then down two sets of escalators, ran thru a crowd of people and arrived at the gate three minutes before it was supposed to leave.

No one was there.
Not even at the desk.

Slightly disappointed but not wasting any time, I calmly walked to the next desk over and told the guy what happened. He took my boarding pass and said they hadn’t left yet, let’s call them. No one answered and he murmured they must’ve already pushed away. He continued typing on his computer, then took Heather’s boarding pass and typed some more.

It was then I realized this gate was also flying to San Antonio. How often are adjoining gates going to the same destination? I saw two names on the standby list so didn’t really have any hope for us getting on, but our friendly attendant desk dude kept typing and looking back at the screen.

That’s when I realized it was leavin only forty minutes behind the plane I was supposed to be on.

I started smiling to myself and felt a warm hand holding my heart.

He tore up our old boarding passes and said,

I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to sit next to each other. But you can ask the people to move.

and handed us new boarding passes, the boarding time just 20 minutes later.
I just looked at him,

Thank you!

We went and sat down and I worked on some school stuff. Suddenly I realized there was a starbucks directly across from us and I had $5 left on my gift card so I got a double chocolatey chip frapp and got über hyper lol.

When we boarded we realized the plane we were supposed to be on had broken down and didn’t even leave before we did!! So we got to SA before they did.







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