he’s. my. Dad.

Today’s my dad’s birthday. Once again, I spend January 17th reevaluating my life, as I always do…

23 years ago today, my last name finally became legit and I had two parents for the first time in my short little care-free life.

It was also dad’s birthday 🙂

I don’t remember that day, but in the past few years I haven’t been able to forget it.

I miss my dad… He lives in Texas. He taught me so many things, and I totally look up to him. We don’t get along some of the time, but that’s because I’m human, proud, and bull-headed (and is that all the same thing?).

But today I’m happy remembering him, unlike last year when I cried all day long and spent 22 of the 24 hours sitting with myself, angry for what I had done and the words that had been said. (I was remembering that when heather and I went to bible study last night at the same house it was at 1/17/11 and I was an emotional wreck.)

I’m happy because of all the time I have had with him. I’m happy because I saw him in Florida and also in Texas 3 or 4 times last year, including Christmas. I’m happy because he’ll always be my dad, and the man I respect most in life. I’m hoping I can find a guy that kinda sorta almost measures up to him. Because I want to find a guy to raise my kids, almost exactly (;) ) the way I was raised. (And I have to throw in that I’m so happy he taught me to love fishing… something I haven’t done since I moved here. DANG i wanna go fishing so badly.)

Happy birthday, Dad. May your day be filled with Joy because in Christ alone, we live.

Hope to see you soon!

your Janey.


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