Caught up in the wonder…

…And I can feel Your presence here with me,
Suddenly I’m lost within Your beauty.
Caught up in the wonder of Your touch
Here in this moment
I surrender to
Your love.
#mercy me

As I continue along in 2012, it’s getting harder to keep my biggest new year’s resolution of staying away from the drama. But I’m still able to distance myself from it, but sometimes I feel alone in this world. Tonight as I sat charting at work, I put in both headphones and blocked out the rest of the crew here and this song came on.

I need to go running up in the mountains today when I wake up so that I can clear my head and thoughts and be caught up in the wonder of His touch. I feel caught up in the chaos of this man-centered world these days and it helps so much to be on top of it!!

I pray that it’ll be beautiful weather today when I wake up. As of right now it’s supposed to be pouring down rain, but warm. In that case I’ll find my old running shoes and some comfy pants that won’t fall off when their wet. Haha.

Please pray for me, these days, as I have some decisions to make and need guidance to make some decisions in a manner worthy of Christ.

It makes me happy to be this happy. There’s only one way I can be so carefree and joyful this year and that is that I know Jesus is in control of my life. YaY!!



2 thoughts on “Caught up in the wonder…

    • just saw your comment.
      i feel loved (even tho i have no idea who you are :p)
      it is tough, but working 🙂

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