books…2012… perspective… focus… GOD… man… joys… laughs…new friends… fellowship…

I finally opened my crate of books to put onto my bookshelves today at my new place and after they almost were all on the shelves i suddenly got the impression i needed to scoot back and look at the whole picture.

I saw my life flash before my eyes in a sense. not my whole life. but my life right now. today. my perspective… my focus (or lack thereof)… what gives me joy, what makes me laugh… i saw my new friends and i saw my new “friends”… and i saw the fellowship- the one i had and the fellowship i haven’t had…

I noticed that this bookshelf is a description of me. but it’s not very accurate any more. ..

The first shelf on the bottom is all text books. Pharmacology, encyclopedias, a BUNCH of different psychology books… Español… all that good stuff. This shelf was my life a few years ago! haha all i did was school!!

The next shelf is more spanish books and then all my books from John Piper, Elisabeth Elliot, CS Lewis… etc. Basically, it’s stuff about what my life used to be focused on: God, going back to the Dominican, and other missionaries… Jungle Pilot is there, Kisses for Katie (my new book from my sister about the girl who moved to Uganda ahhhh SO GOOD), Jim Elliot’s journals, Daws, Do Hard Things, my English/Spanish bibles.. This shelf is the shelf in my life that I miss.

The top shelf is similar to the middle one… More Elisabeth Elliot books, and then a bunch of biographies. (And of course, my Encyclopedia of Immaturity).

Then the very top of the bookshelf contains just a few items. My lamp, a candle, my journal, and my Bible. I put these here to see them better and to be able to focus on them faster and more regularly. To me, the candle is saying, let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. My bible speaks that Your word is truth (everyone is looking for truth, especially me at this point in my life). And the lamp is to see by, of course, but it also has a verse: Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my eyes. I’m trying to write in my journal more these days as well: to record the things i’ve learned and saw as well as the things i do not wish to forget.

And to think, all this from a simple bookshelf.

I pray that in 2012, God will give me eyes to see the little things all around me, as well as stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.



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