“love is too kind to give us lesser things”

(i’m not doing good at updating this at all… )

but check out the title to this post. and think really hard about it.

There’s a lot of things I thought would be happening/have happened by now that uh… well, they didn’t and they aren’t even realities anymore…

YET they are now lesser things to me!

And I think that’s pretty cool how that works.

May God change my desires to His.


On a different note, my job is going very well, and the seasons have changed here… (i dont like the cold). School is going pretty good (i’m excited to graduate :p). My brother’s doing well in football back home (and I am proud of him). My sister is a super nanny (i want to be like her when i grow up). My grandmother’s turning 90 in November…

I miss Texas, but for the first time in my life I am completely satisfied where God has me, because I know this is where He wants me. I don’t know for how long or why, but I am content. (However, I want to go back to the DR soon…)

I miss my family… Mom, Dad, Isaac, and Gramps… in Fredericksburg. Praying they get rain soon!

I miss my friend Daniel… jealous of his job of working in ERs and on ambulances… yup.

and of course I miss my sister… we have good times. can’t wait to see her in November!!!

well, must go for now; am visiting my other family in Statesville while Will is home from ECU. 🙂

ever grateful for forgiveness,



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