Every One

“everyone needs compassion”

With so many prayer requests from various people on my mind I began thinking: God! This is gonna take a miracle for You to answer just one of these.
As soon as I thought that I felt ashamed. Goodness gracious, elizabeth busshaus… Don’t you believe in miracles??

Just a few months ago I would’ve said no. I would’ve said don’t ask me to pray because God doesn’t hear me, or if I pray about it, He’ll answer with the answer none of us want.
Today? I know I’m forgiven: a miracle. A girl who got so overwhelmed with the world that she forgot the promises of God. (Isn’t that like the seed on the rocky soil?)
Today my heart still is overwhelmed because I know I can’t do anything about changing the things I and my friends want changed. But I also know I was talking to the only GOD today. Me!! I didn’t have to go to a guy in a church to intercede for me… I just sat in my room and said oh God, forgive me for I have no faith. But you changed my life, and I’m asking you to hear my cry and reveal Yourself in these situations.

Everyone needs compassion… Grace is what saved me. I believe in miracles!!

Lord, help my unbelief!



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