So i worked all day yesterday, worked all night, and then worked all day today. Needless to say, I’m super tired!!

But as I was working last night I realized how blessed I was to be free in this country. I took my Bible to work last night and read before and during work.

I mean, I get to talk about God all the time. I get to talk TO Him all the time. and I was learning about Him at work, last night.

Yesterday in Morganton, a fellow co-worker asked me where I was from and I said Texas… he asked if I knew Doug Philips.. uhhh, Affirmative. So then that brought up a discussion about New Covenant, Election, and Predestination… heck yeah. Three days on the job and I meet other Christians. Turns out one of the CNAs who will be working directly with me is a PK (Ha).

It just is cool how God has been so real and close to me lately. I am blessed!



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