More random factoids

I was an orphan… Of a sort.

I want to go kayaking…
Or canoeing…

I can’t wait to go to Texas… I’m thinking a train?

My favorite season is summer… And 68 degrees is COLD.

I’m craving my dad’s barbecue ribs…

Fishing is my favorite sport (I think)

One of my favorite places to go right now is to iredell county…

I think it’s great fun to get packages.

Mr. Sherrill is not a nice person to me.

I got offered a job where I’d work 2 months in the states, a month in Haiti… A couple months here, a month or two there… Hmmmm.

Shoes are a waste of money… As long as your foot’s not cut you won’t get diseases.

Wal-Mart is too often my last resource.
But Target is my favorite store.



2 thoughts on “More random factoids

  1. Come to Rockport when we go and we’ll kayak. And fish. And maybe you could get your Dad to bbq ribs, lol. šŸ™‚ Praying for you, Liza Jane.

    • Okay sounds great šŸ™‚ and thank you for the prayers, Mrs. Dowling. Keep them up! Praying for you guys too.


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