Day off!!

So finally I have a day off… Like a real one. And they called me in this morning, and I said *mute* and didn’t answer the phone lol.

Please pray that I’ll continue to grow in the Lord. I realized yesterday that maybe I AM supposed to stay at my job. I’ve been able to never argue with my boss, even though they expect the impossible from me. I did tell them yesterday I will not work my scheduled 3-11 shift, but other than that, I feel that miraculously I’ve turned the other cheek.
They are trying to create a situation where they can fire me, but I am trying my best to make that impossible. 🙂

I am looking for a new job, but I’m also hoping that when everyone quits, I’ll get more reasonable hours, and they will see that Jesus is the reason for my living… Idk. I’m hopeful, that there’s someone there I can witness with my life to, and therefore show them to Christ.

My prayer is that I keep smile for Jesus, and that I’ll have enough hours to pay rent, and that I can finish RN school, and then see where God leads me.

-elizabeth (hopefully this post isn’t to ramble mumbojumbo, that I feel it is. If so, disregard)


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