These are the words I would say

Thank you to those who have been such good friends to me even (and especially) when I am not.
I’ve been so stressed lately that last night those who texted/facebooked/called me last night made me feel so much better. It meant so much to me to know y’all care. And I know you do… 🙂

I miss my dad so much. I can’t wait to get back to Texas really. And I miss my greensboro friends!! I need to go back down and see y’all. And then Lacey and boo, y’all are the best… (next to my hero of course 😉 ). And you, brother, and crazy, but I love you the same. Can’t wait for you to visit me.

I’m still mentally exhausted but life doesn’t stop for a break. So neither will i.

I’m excited about hanging out with my dear friend tonight… It’s been too long.

God is Good and I’m thankful no one got hurt.


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