so we went to the beach, just lisa and me.

actually that’s not true. we came down and joined the sherrills and bacon and matt. the sherrills are pretty awesome to me, also, i’d like to say! always. not just today, but all the time.

i was sooo tired yesterday and not feeling good either because stupid me decided to give in to peer pressure and sit in the hot tub for a while :/ won’t be doing that any more.

but the water? oh my gosh. it is awesome!! they warned lisa and i that it was cold, but nooo, it’s aMAZing. perfecto. πŸ˜€

it’s fun to be here with Lisa. of course, i always have a great time with my boys but yesterday when she and i were in the water it was grand to look over and see her smile.

the drive down was looong but we listened to the radio and complained about how weird our culture is. and we went to a DOUBLE drive through at a chick fil-a (and got a kid’s meal, no less πŸ˜‰ ).

i’ve been thinking a lot the past two weeks and so far no thoughts have formed themselves into a reasonable post, so that will still have to wait. but when it comes out, it will be good πŸ™‚

i woke up at eight this morning, that was rather disappointing, but oh well. no one else is up yet, but i think Lisa and I shall go down to the beach. i didn’t bring my camera so i don’t have any pictures yet, but i will steal the sherrills and post some as soon as i can.


i liked this phrase…


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