random facts about me

i think too much.

i smile a lot and when I don’t, people ask why i’m about to cry.

but i actually hardly ever cry. i went through a phase of crying all the time, but i’m back to normal again and haven’t cried in months.

not crying doesn’t mean i don’t have feelings or don’t get hurt by things, but actually my feelings have been very hurt sometimes.

i love my new cowboy boots.

i would rather be fishing.

i love to hike.

i love to be barefoot.

i love the mountains!!

summer is my favorite month.

my sister is my best friend. she knows me better than anyone and has made me happier than anyone else ever has and also has crushed my smile [and other body parts] more often than anyone šŸ˜‰ she is who i call first when i’m frustrated or happy about something

i love my sister.

my favorite state will always be texas

i can’t wait to get back to Haiti though.

i have decided that the worst emotion is to miss someone(s).

i believe love is real, but i also believe that most people don’t know what real love is.

i am a tomboy, but secretly can’t wait to wear my new polka dot dress i bought a month ago. just haven’t gotten an occasion to.

i no longer have any idea what my favorite color is but i promise you it’s NOT pink. i think it’s either blue or purple or green.

my favorite people don’t realize they are my favorites (except emma of course)

i love to run.

i have a lot of scars.

i need a truck. one meant to be driven by a girl who’s 5 feet 5 inches tall but looks dangerous and loves the off-road adventures.

i can’t wait to get my new phone.

i hate drama.

i found a 2nd drink at starbucks that i like… now i have two un-coffeed beverages i can consume with the -aholics that come here.

i’m super stoked to get away from everything for a few days and hang with my boys at the OCEAN.

i love being a kid but i hate when people ask me when i’ll turn 18…

my mom says i’m getting fat. i guess she’s right because i weigh more than i ever have before (except the time i gained 23 lbs after 2 weeks in Haiti).

i need to go because i’m freezing…

to be continued. ~eli


2 thoughts on “random facts about me

  1. yes ma’am i had to admit the truth. someone asked about my scars a little back and i had to tell him that you gave them to me.

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