thoughts. are. befuddled. (mine are anyways)

I’ve been at work for a bunch of days in a row now, LoL, and my mind is like STOPPPP…. hahaha.

life just continues on, i suppose. work is going well, and i’m getting LOTS of hours (can’t wait to see my pay check tomorrow) and i’m trying to get back into school this summer to continue to pursue my RN. I’m excited to further my education, even though it sure is a pain to get everything restarted! I’n June I will become a “Certified Dementia Practitioner” (you can google that) so that will be interesting!

I keep on running and stuff, tryin to get back in shape (and try to get as fast as my little brother), and I’m excited to go back to Texas to see my family in July.

My roommate’s getting married June 25th, and I’m happy for them! I’m not sure where I’ll move to after that, but I guess we shall see. :/

My birthday was this past week and i was kinda depressed because i missed my family… a LOT. Dillon-Paul grilled me a steak and a bunch of people went out to Joseph’s house and they sat around a campfire and talked. I was really ADD that day and Ben was with me (and i was sad and I hadn’t hung out with some of those people for a while so it was a bit awkward) so we just ran around and everyone looked at me like i was … weird. Ben and I climbed trees, ran around and “frolicked” (even Lisa came and frolicked with us for a bit!) and he took pictures with my camera because the sunlight was beautiful. I had a lot of fun with him. Lisa was very sweet too. She got me a pretty dress for my birthday and i can’t wait to wear it. Heather got me a blanket that’s very warm and soft. 🙂 I even got to see someone i hadn’t seen since we were in Haiti! it was great to see Dave!

well, i must be off. I’m going to find a hiking trail. I need to get outside and clear my mind and think! ~eli


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