young at heart (body, mind, and everything else apparently)

I was told the other day by someone that people won’t and don’t respect me as a nurse because I look too young.
I really could care less!

Plus, it’s true that I like to have fun, and be a kid, but at work, I do try to act somewhat professional. And when I’m working, I am serious and do my job to the best of my ability. I sing while I’m working sometimes, and I have been caught on occasion dancing down the halls… I practice walking in straight lines while following the tiles on the floor and once I played hopscotch. I smile a lot and laugh (when things are funny… one being Ian today. Most of the time he’s not funny, but when he is, I laugh).

Mom reminded me of the verse in the bible that says something along the lines of don’t let people look down on you for your youth…

(plus, today I’m an adult apparently, now that i’m twenty-three. LoL!)

Missin my family today; wishin we could go down to Rockport for my birthday and go fishing at Copano Bay, just like old times!



2 thoughts on “young at heart (body, mind, and everything else apparently)

  1. Wouldn’t a fishing trip to Rockport be great! Just like so many of your birthdays…youknow, if you lived here…

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