why are YOU doing what you’re doing? think about this past week.

did you read the title? what did you think about this past week? did you really do anything that will count in eternity? Not reading your bible: that’s great, but what about real life? How did you put what you read into practice? (or if you didn’t read, what did you do that was meaningful?)

Did you tell any lies? Did you get angry with anyone? Did you hate anyone? Did you steal anything? Did you pray for all the people you said you’d pray for? Did you know of anyone struggling and offer to help? Did you pray for the people in Japan? Did you thinking about the persecuted people in Asia and the Middle East? Did you break any laws?

it’s amazing how people’s words don’t mean anything anymore. from “i love you” to “forever!!” to “sure, i’ll let you know.” or “i’ll keep you in touch.” or “of course, we’ll definitely do that at this time” and then never hear back.

i’m amazed how you can just walk away from something/one and never look back.

it’s amazing how pride can keep you from everything you ever wanted or dreamed in or believed it.

i surprise myself.
doing things that i always despised in others.
“okaying” things that weren’t “okay” before. even little things. i’m talking about stuff like stealing: borrowing something of someone’s and never returning it. that’s called stealing. (and lacey, so is entering places that you shouldn’t enter… or taking plums for that matter! hahaha)

i’m so disillusioned with North American Christians (“CHRISTIANS”) and their false religious appearances. Sunday christians… T-shirt Christians… ones who can seriously talk-the-talk, or sing-the-songs… or preach the Word and in the same day say stuff to others that shouldn’t be said. Or even those who really do strive to “be good” and then look down on others who aren’t living like they are. The most aggravating one is those who always have “biblical” answers to life’s struggles, but really don’t try to help the struggler in any way. “Just pray about it” they say, or “I’ll be praying for you,” but they’re too busy with “religious stuff” to actually find out what’s going on with the person.

IF Christ died for us, then we should live for Him. Not ourselves. Not for others.

IF it’s worthwhile to spend hours in the word, or however long one spends, then maybe it’s also worthwhile to live out EVERY word of the book. You can’t just pick and choose. That’s what Thomas Jefferson did.

Is the entire bible true? if one verse isn’t, then none of it is. And if the whole thing is true, then what about verses that say stuff about “If you don’t love your brother, you don’t love God.” Or the song, “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”

When I was lived in the Dominican Republic I saw true Christians. There was a 20 year old pastor who was COMPLETELY sold out for the Lord. There was a fifteen year old first generation Christian who came to church in Juan Dolio, translated for me during medical days, etc. No he wasn’t perfect. No she didn’t have faults. But they weren’t so caught up in the American Dream, the American culture, the fast-paced, please-yourself, follow-your-dream world that we’re in. We’re stuck in. We don’t realize what it’s like to not be in. It’s good to have knowledge. And my friends down there had knowledge. They were going to Bible School, in the word, preaching, pastoring, leading out bible studies… But their entire lives revolved around God. They sought Him in everything. They didn’t take breaks from Him when going to work, when talking to friends, when at church. They didn’t read to gain knowledge. They didn’t study to look Christian. They strived in all they did to make CHRIST known to the Dominicans/Haitians. Like John Piper says, “Make Christ look GREAT!” You could see Jesus in them. Why? because when they got saved, they wanted to leave behind the old person. They changed. (i think when we get saved in America, we don’t change all the way. We stay the same, but now we have a conscious… we do things differently, we don’t go back to our old ways, but we’re the same PERSON. we’re not new creatures. Because if we were different now, we wouldn’t keep doing the same sinful things.)

I’m not perfect. In fact, every day I’ve lived in 2011, I’ve grown more and more distasteful of how un-perfect I am. But I also have been watching, listening, living in a very Christian world that I’ve grown to despise.

Dating, partying, “chillaxin,” shopping, school, church, church activities, mission trips, retreats, church camp, band, bible study… it’s all vain unless God is being glorified. And He’s not. Maybe even we’re too busy pursing God to live real life?!

I’ve got to figure out how to not live a lie. Not be two-faced. It’s all or nothing, my friends. It’s worse being luke-warm. I want to go to bed at night and look back on my day and not regret it.

3/13/2011, midnight.


2 thoughts on “why are YOU doing what you’re doing? think about this past week.

  1. I love you very much, Liza. I pray you will hear His voice answering the questions that matter. Your Mother

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