“i’d catch a grenade for you”

I can’t believe it’s almost the ides of March…

after hiking up Hibriten in the rain… i was actually soaking wet.. with Lacey Bass. It was pretty awesome how it was POURING down rain, and then we looked over the view and thought, how neat would it be if it cleared slowly. as we stood there, dripping, it cleared COMPLETELY. and was a beautiful sky, and the view was really cool.

i was so excited about how it cleared.

* * * * *

my roommate Lisa is engaged!!! šŸ˜€ i was stoked to do pictures for her and Joseph.

we like this one.

I’m so excited for her. It makes me happy seeing how happy she is. šŸ™‚ It’ll be fun to listen and watch as a wedding is planned! (when she and i put the pictures on facebook i named the album “goin to the chapel” haha, thought of Emma and Cameron :p)

I went to Statesville after getting of work last weekend to see my boys and Mrs. Sherrill. It was great šŸ™‚ I love those friends. They are super sweet to me. I’ll never forget my first week in North Carolina with them all at the beach.

haha the failed attempts at jumping shots [outer banks last summer].

(will says i’m addicted to my laptop, but i say he’s addicted to his xbox)

work has been goin well, i work almost all the time. was on for 14 days in a row when i started and then last couple weeks did 11 days in a row and said no when they called me the 12th day. i love it though. crazy stressful, being responsible for people’s lives, but such a good feeling when i come home and know i did something good for someone that day.

I don’t work this monday because i’m meeting with a school to talk about what classes I’m taking this summer, if any. I’m really hoping to do online school so I can do it anywhere I am, but I might take a few courses this summer anyways, and start this fall with the online school.

But then it’s back to work on Tuesday.

I’ve been running a lot lately, hoping to bring my 5K down to under 20. Yup. Big goal, but I always set goals too high for myself *groan.* I ran up Hibriten the other day after work. I think I might do it tomorrow too. Feels good to be outside again, and makes me sleep better.
The other day when I ran up Hibriten, I took my book and read for a while at the top. šŸ™‚ Heather has gotten me back into my love for reading. We have been reading the same books… she reads one then passes it to me. We’re running out though, so I guess we’ll have to go book hunting soon!

(my sister loves to read… reminds me of her when I sit down with my book at work. One night Heather and I sat on the floor in Barnes & Noble until they closed. šŸ˜€ good times)

Welllll, can’t think of anything else I have to say. Just commenting on the little parts of life.. .

Lenoir is a small town, but it’s fun. I’m getting to know more people now that I’m actually spending time IN Lenoir. A nurse at work and I are getting pretty close, that makes me smile. And of course, Heather, and the whole Poarch family and I get to spend quality time together.

I still love tutoring on Thursday nights at Heather’s church. We were talking about how we love helping the kids and just spending time with them. I can’t wait till I have kids… Or else, when I work in an orphanage. ! ooh, what a dream. Come, sister, help me start one in Haiti. šŸ™‚ I’ve only been a few times on Thursday and yet I’ve already formed relationships with the kids. Yeah, they thinking i’m only sixteen or seventeen, but hey, they trust me. and love me. *shakes head* Oh how it gives me joy to give them a little attention.

Life has been sweet since last thursday. Yes, there are still disappointments… (big). But my heart is so much lighter now. I can’t wait to go home to Texas and see my dear Family, and my sweet grandmother. Sit with mom and dad. Go running with Isaac. Go to Clear River with Emma. Talk to Gramps. Spend precious time with Grandma. San Antonio here i come!! As soon as I can get the time off work I’m gone. šŸ˜€ YaY!

Okay I should stop… I’m starting to ramble…

(mountains on the way to tennessee)
~eli (who also can’t wait to get back to the dominican republic and haiti!)

oh that reminds me. my friend Joel Hess and his wife are officially parents of their adopted haitian child, Michael. I’m sooo excited for them! Joel said last week – or the week before, i can’t quite remember- that it was all official and he’s now the daddy of a son. Joy!!


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