2010 lookback

January: New York City, North Carolina, Texas, Dominican Republic Feburary: Dominican Republic, Haiti
March: Haiti, Dominican Republic
April: Dominican Republic
May: Texas
June: Texas
July: Texas, North Carolina… Outer Banks, Andrews, Lenoir August: Michigan, North Carolina… Lenoir, Greensboro
September: North Carolina
October: North Carolina
November: North Carolina, Texas
December: North Carolina (Lenoir/Greensboro), Myrtle Beach, New York City

January: Dad’s Birthday, Codie’s Birthday, Dr. Bob
February: Isaac’s Birthday, James, CLARENCE, Joel Hess
March: Daniel’s Birthday
April: My 22nd Birthday, Met ***Kelbi Taylor****
May: Grandma’s birthday
June: Emma’s birthday! Rebecca and the Miller family!
July: Sherrills, Coxes, seeing Olivia and Wayne again
August: Codie’s return from India
September: Mom’s birthday, Dillon-Paul’s return from India
October: Football games with the Statesville Boys, getting to know Heather Poarch better 🙂 November: Joe’s birthday, Hill people 🙂 GraceAnn! seeing my Daniel December: work people, NYC mission trip people, hanging out with the Band boys

Things Done:
Mission trip to Dominican Republic
Falling in love with Haiti
Spending time with Codie
Getting to know new friends in North Carolina and becoming part of the family Tripping over nothing…
Getting to be good friends with the Sherrill Family
Seeing my family for six weeks between DR and NC
Surprising my family at Thanksgiving
Trip to Outer Banks
Trip to Michigan
Passing my State Boards and earning the title of Licensed Vocational Nurse Trip to Snowbird…
Working at Ruby Tuesdays
Trip to New York City
Getting a load of Hay with my little brother
Photoshoot with Band.
Living out God’s will in my life and feeling so satisfied with Him
Getting my wisdom teeth out and spending time with Mom in a hotel in a sonic parking lot!! (and remembering i should NOT take oxycodone) Spending time with the boys in the Band.
Missing my family
Playing the fiddle
Missing my Daniel
Going to my first concert (John mayer and Train) and then my first Christian concert and getting my picture with a band from Texas Having my first wreck, and my car broke into
Moving seven times in one year
Not having a home, floating from place to place
Having eight different roommates (that’s all i can remember) Seeing snow fall and stick for the first time
Being silly…
Playing in the snow for the first time.
Feeling alone [for the first time]
PreChristmas weekend in Myrtle Beach
Christmas eve at Mount Zion and then at Heather’s grandparents Christmas day at the Coxes
White Christmas!
Snowy pictures

Finding out my grandmother has cancer… again, and she has not very long left here on this cursed planet.


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