20 November, 2010 12:46


it’s almost thanksgiving.


and…. in a month is Christmas. every where I see Christmas trees for sale. decorations are already up. even stores are playing Christmas carols. (too early!) I always thought Thanksgiving should come after Christmas. Because all the people just said things they are thankful for and then immediately go and ask for things for Christmas. i just think that’s dumb.

This is my blog and I am free to express my not-so-humble opinions. And this is my opinion. LoL

I want to go back to Haiti. And I want to help the people still suffering from the earthquake almost one year ago. Now they’re suffering from rain, floods, and cholera. That’s what I want for Christmas.



2 thoughts on “20 November, 2010 12:46

  1. Liza,

    I hear in your voice your love for your people…it’s hard to be so far away from them! I’m praying right now that God will give you the peace to continue forward in your plans and studies here so that one day very soon you can return to love and serve the people of Haiti.

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