thoughts and (surprise!) i’m happy!!!!!!!

so many thoughts have been going through my head the past few days.
if my mind were on paper it would be a crazy jumbled mess… no one would be able to understand it.

(me and a group of friends eating at Applebees the day after Dillon- Paul returned to the States from India. this is myself and Ben and Joseph. )

i’ve also been thinking about what God wants me to do with my life. Again, like John Piper so eloquently reminds us, I don’t want to waste my life. What am I to do? Well, i firmly believe that when Jesus said go and make disciples, it’s not a suggestion, but a command. My question is, where does He want me to go right now?
Caldwell County (Lenoir)? Fredericksburg, Texas? Greensboro, North Carolina? Haiti, Dominican Republic?

All I know is everywhere I go there are many people who need to be lead, ministered to. And I don’t want them to hear me. I want them to hear Jesus. I don’t want them to follow me. I want them to follow Jesus. I want to conduct myself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.

There are opportunities in the direction I am headed, as I finish RN school where I can do this.
Please pray that I wouldn’t be so focused on the future that I miss opportunities in the present to reflect Christ and to serve Him alongside my brothers and sisters here in the States.

Don’t waste your life!!!

(beauty in the middle of an ugly man-filled [sinfilled] city)




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