New Post, Finally!

* * * * *

I’ve finally sat down to finish this.

I just started a new job. I’m still waiting to get a nursing job, which is very necessary to getting into the RN programs here next fall, so please keep praying. I’m not entirely sure why I can’t get one, except that I have a Texas BON license, and even though I can work here with it, it’s still hard to get through the online applications with it.

Anyways, I’m working as a server and hostess at a restaurant with my twin, Codie. I am almost through with training and I enjoy it a lot. It’ll be good to get some pay, as well as work experience in general, and experience in something I doubt I’ll be doing for too long (as I hope to be into healthcare as soon as I can).  But I thank my God for this job!!

It is now October and I’m super excited about going back to Texas next month. I’m excited to take my Codie and Ben, and bring back my sister. [I’m SUPER jealous of my “big brother” Dillon-Paul getting to Texas today. He keeps threatening to eat a steak with my dad, because he knows that makes me very jealous… ] I can’t wait to see home, my family, my grandparents, my church! And I can’t wait to introduce Ben and Olivia to my parents, church, home!, show Ben His Hill and be “at home” with Codie.

School has been going alright, but it is rather tough. I struggle with my pyschology teacher, as he is very crude and totally against everything I believe is right. My grades in that class aren’t bad though, it’s just his subject matter is … unbecoming. I’m actually rather enjoying my communications class, even though I still am terrified as ever with speaking in public. (Kinda like John Piper used to be i suppose).

I got an email from Dr. Bob today in the Dominican Republic. Please be praying for his health. Oh, every day goes that I wish I were in Haiti or DR. I can’t wait to go back. I might get to go a few times next year. Keith Riddle is hoping to go back, and then the Sherrills in Statesville are going back their spring break. Also the Young Life group here in Greensboro is going to Haiti during our spring break!!!

Young Life… Will and the Statesville guys are involved in Young Life and they kinda encouraged me to become a part of it. It’s for high school kids and I prayed about it for a while and then decided that if this could be a ministry for ME, then I would love it! I feel like i’m taking taking taking and wasting the months here. I’m having fun, but is it all counting for CHRIST? So I called up a few people and sure enough, they’d love for me to be a leader for the kids. I attended the college age group and I loved it. Young Life leader training starts week after next, so Lord, willing, I can be a part of that. Look it up… Young Life Greensboro. So, be praying for that.

Other than that, I’m not sure what else has been happening. It’s Fall Break right now, but I don’t get to go home (to Lenoir) for very long because of my work schedule. :/ Codie’s in Lenoir right now so it’s rather quiet. Um… I think that’s about it!

loving my Great Adventure.


4 thoughts on “New Post, Finally!

  1. waiting with eager anticipation… 🙂 Let me know as we get closer, and we can set up the Olive Garden date 😉 Also, I may have a 5k for you to run while you are here… LOL Tell Ben hi for me and I am praying for you two.

    • LoL okay. yeah we so haven’t done a run together yet! i will tell him right now. 🙂 [he says, is this someone i have to be worried about?? 😉 ] thanks so much for the prayers. we need it. fo sho. 🙂 (i’m still prayin for you!! every day.)

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