God loves me. The end.

I’ve been reading again in my book Radical by David Platt and I got to this chapter, that I think is so true, and I hate how many “christians” think it is really the way he describes!

This section is called

Jesus Didn’t Die For Just You
If you were to ask the average Christian sitting in a worship service on Sunday morning to summarize the message of Christianity, you would most likely hear something along the lines of “The message of Christianity is that God loves me.” Or someone might say, “The message of Christianity is that God loves me enough to send His Son, Jesus, to die for me.”
As wonderful as this sentiment sounds, is it biblical? Isn’t it incomplete, based on what we have seen in the Bible? “God loves me” is not the essence of biblical Christianity. Because if “God loves me” is the message of Christianity, then who is the object of Christianity?
God loves me.
Christianity’s object is me.

He continues, but I will stop quoting here.
As I watch the “christians” in this culture, I totally see more and more that God loves them. The end.
Some of the most selfish people I know are self-proclaimed Christians. They go to church (when they feel like it); they want to be missionaries (sometimes); they listen to contemporary christian music, go to the concerts, play in bands; teach sunday school, are counselors at christian camps, go on mission trips!

I hear them talking about God loving them.
He does!
MUCH! so much so that He sent His only Son to DIE–separated from His Father.

But I’m not buying that He died for me so that my life is all about me.
I wear a bracelet that says I am Second.
Lots of people argue that it should say I’m not First.
But … i think that’s understood ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wear it for 2 reasons. (One being that it represents Hugo Liborio and the life that God gave him on this earth… but that’s a different story). But I also wear it because I want to remember who’s first. God. He’s got a plan for me. And it’s not going to be easy. (If it were, I’d given up on some stuff that are harsh… because there was definitely an easy way out. And God loves me! So He’ll forgive me for taking it. Right?) But because I’m second, my desire is to give Him my life.

I hate this American culture. I don’t know why God has me here right now.
I wish I were back in Dominican or Haiti.
Serving God.

But obviously He’s got a reason for me here.
I don’t like it.
But He didn’t ask me if I liked it.

But He did tell me that if I love Him, He’ll work everything out to be good in the end. And I believe Him. He’s never lied to me before.

I’m sick of it though.
I’m done.

I am second!
God is first.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.



6 thoughts on “God loves me. The end.

  1. I can remember seeing you sit on a piano bench “playing” and singing “Jesus loves me” when you were two-and-a-half years old. You have come a long way in twenty years. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer, Creator, of you and me. I greatly rejoice in you, daughter.

  2. Your the most awesome sis. I luv u . i am amazed at u being 2nd but trying to act first …… i have done the same sooooooooo many times and I try to live for Him, but it is so dang hard .

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