Is God the center of your life?

Is He your primary focus?

The other day a couple friends added me to a texting list of “reading.” So far I’ve gotten a few texts saying they read a chapter… right now in 2nd Corinthians. I still think it’s awesome the group of believers God has brought me to at this point in my life. it sometimes blows my mind how UNfocused on God the christian life can be… pure fun! God-stuff, but not hearing from Him or even taking the time too.

But I want Him to be the center of MY life. I am excited where He has me now; I am eager and hopeful for my future. I love my God. He gave His life for me. I want to never forget that.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

to who/what are you giving your thoughts during the day besides CHRIST?
Bryce Bernhard


3 thoughts on “God-center

  1. Liz, God-centric life is a day to day thing. It takes time to instill devotions (not the act of reading and praying, but the lifestyle) into your daily routine. Don’t be frustrated with yourself – it took me about a decade and a half longer than it’s taken you!!

    And in regards to the Christian life revolving around good things – God things – but not God, remember this: a good thing can become a bad thing if it gets in the way of the best thing. 😉

    • Keith, you are awesome, i tell ya. i always love it how you tell it like it is… no coating, or coding (if that makes sense to you, haha it does to me)… keep it up.
      you’re really a decade and a half older than me? dude… you’re old! (LoL jk!!!)

      Yes and that’s exactly what I meant, about good things becoming bad things. but you said it better. . .

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