les amis, le soleil, mon ami français, de l’eau! amusement


A lot has happened since I last updated this.

I won’t have internet at “home” until Thursday, and I haven’t really had it since I left Texas, so that’s why I haven’t been updating this as often as I used to. But hopefully soon I’ll do it more often 🙂

Last week I joined the Cox family on their vacation to their grandparents cabin in Michigan. It was an 18 hour drive up there and we left right after a Youth Rally at their church on Friday night. We stopped in Toledo to pick up Mrs. Cox’s childhood friend who also has a cabin on the same lake in Michigan. She and her son Brett went and a french exchange student, Simon all came. We also visited Codie’s grandparents a little.

Then we got up there on Saturday and the lake was beautiful. ALL week we had great lake days. I was able to get up on the water skiis (more than once). I l-o-v-e-d it. We also had fun tubing. Haha. 😀 GraceAnn and I dominated that. But then the last day Wayne and I got a super fun ride :p Now Simon on the other hand… yeah not a good partner… LoL

There were many talks about God. I spent time on the dock with just my bible and a journal and myself. I felt like I needed some rejuvenating… I was definitely recharged with some answers to prayer concerning things with my french friend “who did not believe there was a God” at the beginning of the week (or so he claimed…).

There was a lot of fun had… many pictures taken also…

this was taken on mackinaw island… i took it because it reminded me of my Mr. B (I love you Dad!!). 🙂

the twins on the lake.

simon falling out of his kayak in 2 feet of water

oh so serious. (olivia and i on the morning we went out to look for eagles. this was before we tied our kayaks together hehe). I guess we were so serious because it was so early…

I love this one for some odd reason…

yay for bicycles built for two! Yes, yes i know they’re tandoms…

olivia and i in the car on the way to the island.

playground fun with my twin

we found a BEE

not sure i need to put a caption on this picture…

3 crazy americans rolling down a grassy hill

then we were tired out…

me skiing!


i was SO happy to have been able to do it 😀

GraceAnn and I tubing

this is the French guy. . . he was so fun to be around and I have lots of cool stories involving him… pray for him! that God continues to open his heart. I feel a HUGE burden for this kid, almost like I’ve never had before for a non-Christian. God can hear!

fun on a beach with Wayne, Codie, me, Olivia, GraceAnn, Brett, and Simon

Well, the pictures say more than words… :p

Even though there was a “little” drama during the trip, it was a great week. I’m so glad I got to go. I wonder the exact reasons why we were up there. Maybe for Simon? Maybe for my own encouragement, because I definitely was!!

There are many more stories to tell about the week, but I shall close now 🙂



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    • oh my bad, andre! i never saw this. I don’t care if you use some of my content, just send me a link so i can see it 🙂


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