mwen manke ou

So now we’re off to Michigan. We is
Mr. & Mrs. Cox

and then some friends…
and “Simon”

We left at 10:30 last night and right now are in Ohio and have a few more hours to go…

I have registered for all my classes and even ordered all my text books.

The apartment is ready for us… we’ll go down on Monday the 16th.

I’m excited.

Lord willing, I’ll fall into the routine fast and get a job soon.

I am praying that God will grow me this year… and even when it hurts, that I’ll want Him to make my decisions for me… that I’ll constantly be seeking after HIM not anyone else…

I can’t wait to be back in Haiti though.

Check this out:

me and jesse’s nestle (the kid who’s arm got crushed)

MY orphan, clarence…

Doesn’t that just make you wanna be back in Haiti?? Ryan, a guy here, just got back from being there. AHHH his stories… his excitement… I WANNA GO BACK!! We might get to go this year. I just think how awesome that would be!!!




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