Alive in Christ

So I decided now was a good time to start over a book that helped me during a hard time last year. My marker was in the middle of the book, but I wanted to start all over.

The first chapter is called”When All You Can Do is Push” and it starts out talking about how this girl was trying to mow the lawn and was totally struggling and then finally kicked the machine and obviously a lever and suddenly it was so very simple. It was comparing that to Christians who try so hard to live the Christian life, but they’ve tried so hard to “do for God what only God Himself could do for them.” Charles Price says, “When out of despair and exhaustion they find Christ to be alive, and alive in them, the discovery has been revolutionary.”

But the part that totally stuck out to me today was this quote:
The simple yet most profound discovery any Christian can make is that God Himself is our strength.

And then a bit down the page he says, ‘The Christian life is not a technique or a “style,’ it is exclusively the consequence of a relationship that allows God to be God within a person’s life. It is the indwelling Spirit of Christ Himself who makes the Christian life ‘tick.’ ”

He says that Gideon (the guy in the bible around … Judges 6 I believe) “knew God, [but] Gideon had not been counting upon God, he had been counting only upon himself.”

Who are you living through?

Are you second?

This weekend I discovered (twice!) that I am not second. Even though I’ve been wearing a bracelet for 7 months that SAYS I am Second I wasn’t second.
I don’t want to be second.

When I “rededicated my life” (whatever that means) I remember very clearly seeing Christ on the cross in agony for ME. *I* killed him. I didn’t see anyone else’s sins. I saw only mine cut into His dying body. I remember feeling the pain of His death and wanting to give Him back MY life since He gave His for me.
I’m not perfect. He was. I’ll never be perfect.
BUT! I still want my life to be His. And there’s no way He can use it if I’m controlling myself. I’ve heard a quote, If you’re in the driver’s seat, you’re going too slow.

Haha, I am so in love with my God. The more I realize how much I want Him to reign in me and on earth the more I mess up. The more I see “little” things that are wrong in my life. And the more I slip from His presence, when He pulls me back to Him, i see the big things that are black and marring my testimony, my life. I want to be a little Christ (Christian).

In order to do that, I MUST give Jesus access to all of me.

I pray that He will strengthen me to deny myself daily, moment-ly (yes, i made that up..) I pray that for my brothers and sister. I thank Him for the awesome fellowship I have had with His children. And awesome because I feel so small next to the rest of His kids. I ask that you pray that He will use me. That no one will see ME, Elizabeth, but Jesus Christ!!

I love you, Jesus!!



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