Last Week Is Over and New Has Begun…

So I’m back “home” in Lenoir now.

I have been/will be helping Olivia with Vacation Bible School at her church this week. The first and second graders are so cuuute 🙂 And of course, I have a very SERIOUS time with Olivia 😉

Last night some people came over to the Cox’ house… a couple ones I didn’t know, and a couple I hadn’t seen since last Christmas, of course. Was good to see them again. AND i got to talk about Haiti-talk. YaY! 🙂

I had a lot of fun with the Sherrills. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me!! I was slightly overwhelmed when I started thinking of everything they did for me… I even actually miss the guys… and their annoyances. :/ oh well, i’ll see them again soon.

at the Hattaras Island Lighthouse… staring in amazement…

waiting at a restaurant that didn’t want us… (right after the picture we left and went to a different one) Yes, one of the guys is nutty… :p

gotta say i LOVED playin in the ocean!!! the waves were huge and even though the undertow was stronger than I could swim against, i had lots of fun. and I bet i’m stronger now…

(how guys set a table… )

Can’t wait for my twin to get home (Last night Olivia called me Codie and she and I laughed pretty hard). August 3rd is the DaY!! 😀 Prayin she finishes these last weeks WELL and that God continues to use her in lives there in India. I do miss her though!

Psalm 27



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