SuPeR ExCiTeD to see what God’s doing!!!

So we’re past Texas… In fact, we’re in Tennessee. We drove 13 hours today (800 miles). I’m super tired, but just filled up my belly

My last post was rather pessimistic so I wanted to have a happy note today 🙂

That’s me and my dad up there. We haven’t had a dad-liza picture for years i guess! I’m glad we got one before I left! Dude, I’m gonna miss my dad 😦

But happy thoughts! (as my sister would say)

Sounds like the final plans are coming through for my twin’s and my apartament-o in Greensboro.
I got the greatest email ever from one of the girls in Texas today 🙂
Pizza is awesome! (i ate 5 pieces in 3 minutes…)

I saw a pyramid today!!!!

I got to see my girlies on Monday and my roommie from EXCEL on Sunday!! All the way from Cali! 😀

My sister has called me 3 times this week 🙂 YaY!!

Well, that’s enough happy thoughts for now…


So the helpless has hope; and unrighteousness must shut its mouth. Job 5:16


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