The Dreaded Room…Prayers

The room is getting better. It shall be cleared by tomorrow when my sister comes home. *squeezes eyes shut and prays this is not a lie* Unbelievable that move NUMBER THIRTEEN is coming right up…

Shall be the first move outside my beloved Country-land of Texas (unless you count my time in the Dominican, which would make this #14…, but I don’t). I always hated when my dad would sing the song “I’m Going to Leave Ol’ Texas now…” oh my word, it bugged me!! But now, here am I. Leaving Ol’ Texas, my church family, my FAMILY, my grandparents, my friends (yes, I do have friends), everything I know to journey beyond the borders… and out into the crazy world… Wait! *I* am the crazy one!!

Gonna be a southern girl now. Yes, North Carolina is in the south. No, Texas is not in the south.

I am now going back to work on the Wreck of ’10, but I would appreciate prayers as final decisions are made, the car is packed, the journey mapped out and the travels begin… Please pray for my Gramps as he’s having a procedure done the day Mom and I head out… Please pray for my Dad as he has a few trips to SA to make because mom and I are leaving… Please pray for Isaac as he’s going to be the only child at home and therefore has lots to do to keep my mom busy 😉 Please pray for grandma as she has several doctor’s appointments coming up as well, and a procedure in a few weeks too. Please pray for Emma as she’s still working at camp… and very tired.

Basically… we can always use prayer 🙂

I’m excited to see what God’s doing in this next chapter. I’m excited to see all my North Carolina friends! I’m excited for getting to live with Codie finally!!

I’m not excited about this room.




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