4 Christians Arrested in Dearborn

Some of you may have heard about the four arrests in Michigan this past week.

To summarize, these guys were at an Arab gathering and supposedly were causing trouble and disturbing the peace while yelling at Muslims trying to convert them. The four men (one being former atheist , David Wood) disagree. There is footage of the conversations, I’m not sure where it is now, I heard it was on the ministry’s website, but I also heard the police had the videos. The issue has become controversial, even among the other christians (“Christians?”). Some say they should have been arrested, one man (a pastor who was also at the event) even went as far to say, “I know for one fact: if I was the police, I am responsible for the security of the community there and for the security [of Acts 17 Apologetics]. For their own security, I would have forced them to leave the area. And if they would have rejected it, I would have arrested them myself.” He believes that to reach a Muslim with the gospel we’re going to have to use loving approaches and not confront them at all.

What does this story teach us? It happened, here, in our country. Were they right? Were they wrong? Should they have been there at all? Should they have gotten arrested? What do you think?

To read more about the story, here’s a few links:

Dearborn situation becomes divisive

June 24, 2010

There’s an audio interview with David Cook on the home page:

ACLJ says Dearborn arrests are a concern
June 23, 2010

False Arrest of Four Christians in Dearborn, MI

June 21, 2010



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