Why am I Doing What I’m Doing?

Today my dad preached on this. Interesting timing.

Right now my thoughts are alternating between 3 things. 1) Jacob Leicht & his family. 2) my test & failing. 3) the orphanage in Haiti without Pastor Bob.

I keep saying to myself WHY AM I DOING THIS? WHY AM I HERE??

I know what I’m here [the states, texas, my home to be specific]: it’s solely to pass my test, get my license for my LVN and move on…

But why can’t I be in Haiti RIGHT NOW!? Why can’t I be in the Dominican Republic RIGHT NOW?!


Will it reap eternal rewards? Is it what God wants me to do?

Tell me, Anne, I want to know!!!

Dad talked about Jesus as our Lord. He said, What is a Lord? (The word kurios is translated 651x lord in the NT, 50x master, and 7x owner. The root of the word is kuros meaning authority). Who has the right to rule? Who rules indeed over us? What motivates our behavior? What do we do what we do?

Everyone has a Lord; we yield to something or someone. You’re slaves of the one you obey (Romans 6). Who/what are you yielding to?
A couple summers ago Charlie McCall said to me and a group of summer camp staff:
“If you are not presenting yourselves to God, you are presenting yourself to sin.”
And around the same time another friend asked me:
“To who/what are you giving your thoughts during the day besides CHRIST?” (Bryce Bernhard)

Dad continued: Our response of Lordship should be delighting in and yielding to His specific will as stated in the word of God one day at a time.

This is always in the present. You can’t obey God tomorrow and you can’t change what you did yesterday, or the past…
TODAY if you hear His voice… take up your cross DAILY… do not worry about TOMORROW.

Why am I doing what I’m doing?



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