So we’re supposed to go to the coast tomorrow… Rockport to be specific. I’m happy, but not feelin that excitement yet 😉 For those who know my family…. often our scheduled trips don’t work out… for various reasons. But I’m happy for the opportunity and praying this one works out! We haven’t been to Rockport as a family since 2007 and that was a rather different trip as we took another family down with us.

And we’re staying at Hunt’s Castle– the “traditional” fishing trip hotel of choice… where we haven’t stayed at for … oh a good … 7 or 8 or maybe even 9 years! (Wow! i must be getting old! ha!!)

Hopefully we’ll do some good fishing, just my dad, my bro Isaac, and I 🙂 (No party-poopers allowed AND no laptops on the peer 😉 another ha!) Pray that we catch some keeper reds! 🙂

This probably will be the last chance we get to go down there as a family (any time soon anyways, if ever again…) with the changes coming up in our household, so I’m glad that we get this opportunity now 🙂

I’ll get some pictures and post them… so you shall see them later!

I am thinking of doing another facebook fast… so… if i’m not around there, you know why 😉

Pray for opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!! That would be SWEET to get to share of my CHRIST with someone who’s needy. Please pray that we aren’t too busy wrapped up in ourselves that we miss these delighting times. God is AWESOME and I praise HiM for saving ME and making me ALIVE together with Him!!

living my great adventure!


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