My Twins, Photo Shoots, and Being Grateful for the LIttle Things

So… since I’ve been back, I haven’t been too pleased with the state of things in my “old” life [pre-earthquake] and the state of things in this country… I am a Dominican at heart… I am not a fan of American culture… *sigh!*
Plus… the food here hurts my stomach… if it didn’t I’d be more happy with where I live, haha…

Today I took my girlies on a photo shoot in some blue bonnets (like… the flower 😉 ) and it was fun. I was thinking, the entire time that I was shooting, that I am taking pleasure in the little things. I go to take a shower and find that there’s HOT water… like.. almost no cold water [in other words, i barely have to turn it on to get hot water]. I stood there after turning on reveling in that fact.
THEN, i went to go get water out of the tap… but realized I was filling up my water bottle… when, instead, I could use a glass. So I opened the cabinet and pulled out a clean jar and filled it up with clear, clean, cold, fresh well water. I stood at the sink looking at it. MMMM.
Tonight I took my brother (and aunt) fishing… and i was watching the little bugs swimming around on the surface… and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I was thinking about all the times I sat behind the desk being eaten alive by those darn bugs and I was grateful for the LACK of bugs in my room… [here] and for all the good talks I had behind that desk 🙂

The little girls are the cutest… they are full of joy ALL the time… even when they get hurt, or scared… they get over it so fast (after running to mom or dad or even my mom! and getting a hug).  I LOVE watching them.  Trusting.  Loving.  Happy.  ADORABLE!

Life is good… i’d give anything to be back in the Dominican right now, but life is good. God is amazing. I can’t wait to see what He has for me in these next few weeks!!!!!



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