Random Thoughts upon Returning to the States

Today I left my home behind. I haven’t ever felt the way I felt leaving the Dominican. But I’m trying to rejoice where Christ has me at this exact moment in my life.

My thoughts were all over the place as I traveled today. I didn’t have internet, but I took the time to jot down these random pieces as they crossed my mind. I didn’t want to forget my first impressions of the states after being away since January.

The very first thing I noticed after taking off from the dominican republic was the smoothness of the airplane ride! of course, i was out like a rocket as soon as I got situated in my seat, completely missing the whole taking off time :p I woke up at 8 am… over an hour later when the stewardess was handing me a cup of water, and I turned on a movie… I was trying to figure out what was so weird, and I realized it was that it felt like we weren’t even moving… this wasn’t unusual for a plane ride, but it was just a strange feeling to my body.

“I”ve never had one before.”
“What a room to yourself?”
“A bed…”
~The Blind Side

OH MY GOSH! i’m fReEzInG!! even in Miami I was cold. Here in dallas, I’m dying… when i first stepped off the plane, I realized it’s so much colder here. Of course right now i’m inside and i see other people wearing t-shirts, shorts, some wearing jeans, but a lot of shorts… i’m wearing jeans, 2 shirts, my hoodie, and I’m shivering!!

the people here are so RUDE!!!!!

and i can’t get over how CLEAN everything is…
there’s no trash, there’s no stuff just laying around, the floor seems to be vaccuumed, i’m sitting on the floor now and there’s nothing on it. the walls are so white.
i called Codie when i landed and you can ask her how many times i said, wow!! this is such a nice airport! it’s so CLEAN!

i hadn’t eaten since 7:00 last night, and went to bed hungry, so around 3:30 DR time, i decided it was time to feed my poor belly, i was looking around (talking to Co-D) and i saw Taco Bell and i’m like oo! LoL i scarfed down a burrito, taco, and pepsi and now my stomach hurts… ugh… American food is not good for my Dominican belly.

the thing i noticed in Miami was the number of policemen who actually were doing something :p when i saw a cop in the DR i didn’t think anything more of him than of his friend standing right next to him…

also i walked by the desk for American Airlines and saw that it’s destination was for Port-au-Prince. ahhhh i wanted to go THERE!

Final thoughts as we descend into my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, USA:
Americans are rude, selfish, and temporal human beings
I want other to see how these moments are a VAPOR which VANISHES away… right now isn’t all we’re living for!!
Missions is my calling
Spanish is, in fact, a beautiful language.
I’m convinced that if an earthquake happened in the States, like in Haiti, and people lost everything they ever owned, there would be mass chaos and people would literally go crazy!

Here we go into landing… Goodbye Great Adventure in the Dominican and Haiti.

Hello Great Adventure in the States!!



2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts upon Returning to the States

  1. ahhh, you did say clean a lot, and you ate ALL that food while we were talking!?!? DANG GIRL!!
    I’m scared I’m never going to come back now…

    • haha you better come back girl 😉 THEN we can do it all again… go an adventure together!
      it’s about time anyways…

      and hey… dont make fun of my eating habits… :p

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