The group from Western Avenue just left… and we have no medical teams this week. I’m ready for a slower week!! We were going to go to the beach, just Kelbi and me (hehe), but when we got there it started raining on us… we have a picture, I’ll post it after she uploads them later.

Bill from Western Avenue left me a whole bunch of poptarts. I’m pretty stoked about those… and they left me some other stuff too… I promised I’d share some with Bethany and the other people here… 😉

(crazy i tell you 😉 )

I was sad to see them go, but they made me promise to come visit them when I got to North Carolina… apparently they’re not too far from Codie… I said I’d have to go visit their church sometime. That would be fun. Devin, the trauma nurse, who ran with me in the mornings, said we’d have to go out there at the same time, since we were the only two not from their group who worked with them.

(Devin and I about to jump off the boat)

I had a great week. It was a fun team. There’s only one team here this week, but a new intern gets in some time today; I’m excited to meet him! Apparently some mutual friends have been telling him about me [ohh dear! haha!].

(the boys stole my camera and took random pictures of me)

Kelbi leaves soon. On my birthday in fact. That’s gonna be a sad day 😦 She leaves early too, before 7, so I’ll have to get up to see her off. I’m gonna miss that crazy girl!! We’re going to try to spend these last few days having fun together!! 🙂 Being crazy of course 😉

I love this work down here. I could definitely do it for the rest of my life. I guess I’d call it a passion of mine!

~elizabeth busshaus


2 thoughts on “Well…


    We are so thankful to the Lord that you have been so blest on this trip and that you have found your unique calling from the Lord.

    May this be a joyful day for you (even though Kelbi is gone) may it not be a sad day. May our good Lord bless you again and again today and throughout this year of your life.

    We love you and are praying for you!

    Mr and Mrs Fait, Rachel, Christina, and Samantha

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