Dear Mom

Thank you for being my mom.

Thank you for wanting to care of all those foster kids back so long ago. Thank you for being willing to share your home with them. Thank you for taking in April back in 1988. Thank you for adopting ME in 1989!

Thank you for putting up with all my fits, quirks, tantrums, yucky diapers, [going through potty training!], all the fun stuff it takes to raise a kid…

Thank you for teaching me how to read. Thank you for getting up every morning and preparing me to start the school day after I started first grade. Thank you for all the times you had to heat up the oil over the candle when I had an earache. (And when I was younger, thanks for rocking me when I was in pain…) Thank you for always fixing my hair every day. Thank you for taking me or picking me up from school.

Thank you for being willing to take the time, patience, money, energy, and everything else that comes with to homeschool not ONLY myself, but my sister and baby brother as well!

**Thank you for feeding me all the GREAT meals you’ve provided over the past 2 decades…**

Thank you for all the talks you gave me – even if I didn’t want them at the time.

Thank you for helping my dad move all those times!

Thank you for always being there when I needed you – even when I didn’t come to you and tell you what was going on, or what I was feeling, I still KNEW you were there for me.

Thank you for providing the example of a godly mother and wife. I’ve been thinking, Mom, when/if I get married, I want to be like you.

Thank you for being my mom!! I love you!!

Love, your daughter, Elizabeth


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