Crazy Day!

Another day…

(Jesse and I caring for a boy who had fallen off the roof in Haiti)

So today i woke up feeling rather sickly… but I decided I still wanted to go to the village and do the clinic. While I was spreading the peanut butter on my bread for my typical Later-In-The-Morning Sandwich, i was watching the street, like I always do… I watch a 3-car wreck on the road out there so my instinct in me made run to help. There wasn’t anything I could do though and I actually didn’t run all the way to the wreck because of all the glass and parts of the street lamps the dude hit… but no one was hurt badly so we continued on getting ready for our medical clinic day… I got out there, had my own med station – fun fun.
This afternoon I worked with Dr. Bob though because we wanted to speed things up… the team is a very thorough team, so also really slow…
I got to take out stitches today… and then we had an emergency situation …. the lady was probably experiencing Congestive Heart Failure… we hurriedly got an IV in her (Bob got it after like 5 sticks… -not by me!), 2 breathing treatments… all kinds of stuff and then the heart monitor broke so we sent her with Blanco in the bus to the hospital. At the end, Dr. Bob turned to me and said, “Now that was an ER experience. how did you like it!?” I said, I did!! šŸ˜€

Tonight I’ve been chillin with Rachel. Tomorrow night she and I are gonna have a girls’ night. I’ve not really ever had one before so… that’ll be fun i think :p We’re gonna watch a movie and just be girls… I’m excited. Not that I’m glad Rachel’s not in Haiti (or me either!) but I’m happy to spend these “free” days with her. And I’m glad she’s feeling better!! I love Rachel; she’s a blessing! and a neat big sister in Christ!!

I guess I should head to bed!!
I wanted to get this out tho because it was an exciting day! šŸ™‚

Buenos noches!

(with a group of haitians who were cleaning rubble..)


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