Good Week

I just wanted to say a quick HELLO to all my family in Texas and other parts of the U.S.  I’ve almost been here on the island 6 weeks and it seems like a long time!  I am loving life here and definitely doing what God wants me to do.

However, I did want to ask for prayer concerning being a little tired… after getting back from Haiti this last time I find myself extremely exhausted in the afternoons.  Monday I had a little moment of weakness and found myself having to sleep the afternoon away (which was really frustrating for me because I wanted to be in the thick of things of course!)… Tuesday I was fine until dinner time, when I needed to get by myself and just having some personal space.  Today was the same.  Megan told me to take as much time as I need by myself, because next week is going to be CrAzY! soooo Please pray that I recover fully and be able throw myself back into the swing of things.  Life in the DR is always hoppin! 🙂

I do love it here. I am so grateful for my medical training and for the opportunities to use it down here.  I am SO thankful for my weeks in Haiti… I cannot WAIT to return!!!!  I’m also happy to be working with such a great team this week 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow!

~loving life & where God has me right now!
Elizabeth Busshaus

PS) it was great seeing the girls tonight too! I love you all!


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