Second Week in Haiti


(the lake right inside the border of Haiti – Joel doesn’t know the name of it…)

I’m just now getting to my updates about Haiti… sorry for taking so long, life is busy here back in the DR.

(my team – which was actually two teams)

This past week was so great!! I had a few rough days, because of tension among the team (which always hurts so much because i know how hard it is to serve God without working in unity). However, the majority of the time, and especially the last half of the week was amazing. I felt so at home in Despinos and with Joel & the team… I worked in the medical clinic some, but spent more time with the constructing of the walls of the new school and with the people of the village. All the people were so precious.

(Dave with some village children. I love this picture)

I met this PRECIOUS child, who’s name is Clarence. He’s a twin, but I don’t recall meeting his twin sister. There’s a better picture of him, when he was happy, but here’s two of him while I wait for my friend to upload the better pic of him & me (i?)…

We finished constructing the walls in the school & even got some benches/desks built for the kiddos.

We spent some time at the orphanage. It was emotionally challenging for MOST people – I mean, if you have a heart, then why WOULDN’t you be moved??

The school the kids usually go to for school & chapel and stuff is completely destroyed… The children should’ve been in there during the earthquake and Bob, the leader of the orphanage, says that he always expected everyone on time. For some reason, this day, no one was early and in fact, everyone was late. If they had been in on time… they would’ve all been under the rubble.

It was a good week. I keep remembering amazing moments. 🙂 We actually had about 5 aftershocks while I was there, but I apparently slept through all except one – and that one I didn’t even feel 😦 Bummer. I made some GREAT life long friends!! YaY!

I slept on the roof after the first night and loved it of course. (Reminded me of Codie & I having fun summer nights… outside, on the deck… yeah, good times.) We had some great nights up there and the breeze was glorious… the stars (what I could see of them, after my eye started acting crazy odd)… I’ll always remember those nights.

This is Joel Hess, field director of Haiti Gospel Mission. He’s an amazing guy who loves the Lord, his family and this village. I am very much inspired by his work.

Well, that’s all for now… Keep on praying!

Thankful for you all!

~living the great adventure


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